A great website and resource – WiFi in Schools Australia

Here’s just a bit of what they have to say. Visit the website:



  • There are NO scientific studies on Wi-Fi which look into long-term biological effects on children or adults
  • Parents, students and teachers have not been informed about the potential health risks from EMR
  • Parents, students and teachers have not been consulted about wireless installation in schools
  • There have been no risk assessments conducted by schools, the government or standard setting agencies on the long-term biological effects of WiFi use in schools
  • There is no management plan to reduce EMR exposure in schools
  • There is no training for teachers and staff or awareness about how to be able to recognise any adverse symptoms in children from exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • Despite the known risks wireless technologies are installed without any radiation emissions checks in each specific site where they are installed in the school
  • Ambient EMR is the only environmental pollutant that is not subject to any regulation
  • Students, parents and staff have not been given a freedom of choice should they not want to be exposed to wireless radiation in schools
  • All children have the right to a safe learning environment






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