2 thoughts on “Una St. Clair – Citizens for Safe Technology joins the show

  1. Thank you to Pat, Sebastian, and Una St. Clair for an informative discussion. I’ve been insisting for a number of years that a TOTAL BAN ON ALL FORMS OF WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY is the only definitive approach to this issue. It is obvious that citizen reliance on government regulation of the market place will not stop the electromagnetic slaughter. The time for regulatory debate was about 1956. Further considerations need not apply.

    In addition: Reducing the “legal” range of EM emissions is a false and totally naive solution that will only further delay effective action. Well financed science and technology agents will argue data back and forth ad nausea, whist people continue to crowd emergency rooms and drop dead from a completely preventable disease. Let’s boil the whole “debate” down: EM radiation illness is a preventable condition. Period.

    The most direct way forward is to fire bomb all cell phone vendors regional offices in as many places as possible. After a few multi-million dollar fires, they might wake up to the fact that now you’re pissed. Want to save yourselves from wi-fi? Get a pellet gun or a 22 long range riffle, and shoot the crap out of all the friggin wi-fi repeaters. You can easily spot them on about every light standard or sign post in the country. OH HORRORS!!! That’s breaking the law!!! Yes. That’s breaking THEIR laws.

    Your imposter of a president is a war criminal. Your governments are little more than actors on an expensive stage you bought them with your hard earned stupidity. Your police forces are hired thugs and murderers. Your regulatory agencies are stocked with swilling pigs at the corporate trough.

    It’s time to stop acting all innocent regarding what price your corporate/capitalist system exacts as the price of success. If you think my suggestions are too radical, you haven’t even started to get the “smart” message. “Smart” phone. “Smart” APP. “Smart” meter. “Smart” appliance. “Smart” bombs. As if technology is smart, yet people are not… If you want to save your future, quit asking for permission…

  2. This has been the most informative and personalized version about RF that i have heard. Thank you!!

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