We are initiating a survey to learn more about electrohypersensitivity- risk factors, triggers, manifestations, etc. We are also interested in finding unaffected individuals that do not have electrohypersensitivity (and do not have chemical sensitivity) to serve as control*.

Ultimately, we hope to learn from the survey, and also to identify affected individuals and matched unaffected controls, who  may be willing to participate in a study, to test biological markers that we believe will elucidate mechanisms of electrohypersensitivity.

If you could share the option to participate with affected (and healthy!) individuals with whom you are in contact, we would be very grateful. (If you know of any other individuals or organizations with whom we should communicate to help reach affected individuals, please let us know.)

Warm regards,

Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD

858-558-4950 x201

Professor of Medicine

UC San Diego School of Medicine
* The survey for people who are not affected is much shorter
The link to the survey is:



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
I.   There is a paper version available if you are electrosensitive & cannot do the online survey.

You can email at bgolomb@ucsd.edu or call at  858 558-4950 x201 to request a copy.

II.  You can stop the survey and resume .

You must do this from the same computer and browser. “Cookies” may need to be enabled.
III.  If a question does not apply or you are not sure how to respond
a)   The question can be skipped

You may be asked if you meant to skip it, but the survey will let you continue

b)  If you were formerly EHS but not now, answer as you would have when electrosensitive.

The survey gives this instruction, but for at least one question we should clarify:

Translate “How long have you been electrosensitive”  to “For how long were you electrosensitive”.

c)  Use the comment boxes to clarify, specify, amend

Thank you again so much for your help!



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