From our friend Ronald Powell

January 4, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a list of the three studies that I have found, to 
date, that report on the symptoms experienced by individuals after 
exposure to the radiofrequency/microwave radiation from Wireless Smart 
Meters.  If you know of any additional studies of individuals, please 
let me know.

(1) Federica Lamech, MBBS, Self-reporting of symptom development from 
exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in Victoria, 
Australia: a case series. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 
2014 Nov;20(6):28-39.

    (a) Listed on NIH's under PMID:  2547880.  Listed
    abstract at follows:

    Context . In 2006, the government in the state of Victoria,
    Australia, mandated the rollout of smart meters in Victoria, which
    effectively removed a whole population's ability to avoid exposure
    to human-made high-frequency nonionizing radiation. This issue
    appears to constitute an unprecedented public health challenge for
    Victoria. By August 2013, 142 people had reported adverse health
    effects from wireless smart meters by submitting information on an
    Australian public Web site using its health and legal registers.
    Objective . The study evaluated the information in the registers to
    determine the types of symptoms that Victorian residents were
    developing from exposure to wireless smart meters. Design . In this
    case series, the registers' managers eliminated those cases that did
    not clearly identify the people providing information by name,
    surname, postal address, and/or e-mail to make sure that they were
    genuine registrants. Then they obtained consent from participants to
    have their deidentified data used to compile the data for the case
    series. The author later removed any individual from outside of
    Victoria. Participants . The study included 92 residents of
    Victoria, Australia. Outcome Measures . The author used her medical
    experience and judgment to group symptoms into clinically relevant
    clusters (eg, pain in the head was grouped with headache, tinnitus
    was grouped with ringing in the ears). The author stayed quite close
    to the wording used in the original entries. She then calculated
    total numbers and percentages for each symptom cluster. Percentages
    were rounded to the nearest whole number.Results . The most
    frequently reported symptoms from exposure to smart meters were (1)
    insomnia, (2) headaches, (3) tinnitus, (4) fatigue, (5) cognitive
    disturbances, (6) dysesthesias (abnormal sensation), and (7)
    dizziness. The effects of these symptoms on people's lives were
    significant. Conclusions . Review of some key studies, both recent
    and old (1971), reveals that the participants' symptoms were the
    same as those reported by people exposed to radiofrequency fields
    emitted by devices other than smart meters. Interestingly, the vast
    majority of Victorian cases did not state that they had been
    sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) prior
    to exposure to the wireless meters, which points to the possibility
    that smart meters may have unique characteristics that lower
    people's threshold for symptom development.

    (b) See the first attachment for the official announcement of the
    study from the publisher.  Reproduced here with permission from the
    publisher:  Australian Study Puts Victoria Centre Stage of the Smart
    Meter Controversy.

    (c) See the second attachment for an article by David O. Carpenter,
    M.D., reproduced here with the permission from the publisher.  This
    article was published in the same issue of Alternative Therapies in
    Health and Medicine as the Lamech article and provides additional

    (d) Web site of the journal, Alternative Therapies in Health and
    Medicine, that published the Lamech article:

        Click below to be taken to the Scribd link that is pointed to on
        the above web site for the Lamech article:

    (e) A thoughtful review of the Lamech and Carpenter articles is
    provided here:

    (f) The full Lamech article, which is copyrighted by the publishing
    journal, can be purchased for a nominal fee by contacting the
    publisher in the USA at the email address below:

        John Benson, Circulation Director
        Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

(2) Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., Exhibit D - Smart Meter Health Effects and 
Survey Report (2013)

    (a)  The full survey report can be found here:

    (b) See the third attachment for a brief description of just a few
    of the many findings of the survey:  Symptoms from Exposure to Smart
    Meters from Richard Conrad's Survey.

(3) Ed Halteman, Ph.D., Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts Survey, 
Final Results Summary, September 13, 2011.

    (a) See the fourth attachment for a summary of the findings of the


Ron Powell


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