An “alternative internet” –  With the Solar Roadways’ ability to provide internet services to all homes and businesses connected to the system, a brand new internet system can coexist with the current internet. An alternative internet that can be improved beyond anything we’re currently used to: unimaginable speed and flexibility.

No more “dead spots” for cell phones, iPads, Kindles, etc. The Solar Roadways’ ability to carry data lines alongside the roadways provides the means to carry signals anywhere roads are located. What does this mean?

Oh – I think you know the REAL answer to that.

One thought on “Solar Freakin Roadways

  1. Heh… Interesting. Anyone with a functional background in the physical sciences knows from direct examination that technology is never implemented without deleterious potentials. Childish enthusiasms such as those of Nicola Tesla have already taken their toll on our environment in ways that have become potentially terminal to this planet. To be quite frank: Technology often presents an unseen trap rather than a simple freedom.

    It is time for mankind to sober up to the physical realities inherent in a closed energy system such as that of planet Earth. In most cases, E=MC squared, and there ain’t no magic involved. We are currently pumping approximately 38 tera watts of electrical power into a closed energy system we call Earth’s atmosphere. This gentleman suggests we improve that situation by pumping 3 times more energy into a closed system that’s already in massive melt down. The concept of adding “more power” seems rather counterintuitive to me…

    I was involved in professional studio design and audio equipment implementations for 37 years, as well as spending approximately 21 years in analog circuit design at a component level. Trust me, there is no such thing as fabricating electronic equipment without serious environmental consequences. The sophisticated metals, rare earth materials, various doping compounds in transistors, diodes, FET’s, chips, integrated circuits, and all the rest, are striped from the Earth at significant environmental costs. The fabrication of circuit boards, chassis, plastic housings, plenum wire, EM shielding, transformers, on and on and on. All these materials are obtained at a huge cost in terms of petroleum expenditures. Add in the enormous consequences of environmental degradation when these products are discarded, and the picture begins to get damn bleak. Our oceans are dying. China has become an industrial cesspool. Our rivers are foul with dead fish and industrial contaminates. Our groundwater is becoming unusable.

    Any practical solutions to a sustainable future will fundamentally rely upon our ability to clean up the industrial mess we’ve already made. Our enthusiasms and addictions to entertainment must cease within these next several years or there will BE no future. Mankind must engage in a concerted effort to significantly de-industrialize our economies and de-energize our electrical grids. The only way forward is to return to the natural forms of necessity and function. We need to learn how to grow good food. > Then make sure everyone has some of it to eat. This simple and powerful necessity will never be addressed with another layer of electronics technology. Trust me, more technology is not the answer to the quiz.

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