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Spring begins to bloom, and signs increase that the wheels may be falling off the technocratic wagon, as crimes continue to be revealed.

With the machine’s momentum still continuing its careening slide, the question of when it will stop and how smooth the transition will be remains up to all of us.

Below is an info-rich range of recent news items which illustrate the depth and breadth of systemic failure at hand and the need for correction.

With the worldwide “smart” meter deployment, we are undoubtedly seeing several Problem-Reaction-Solution schemes. Here are two — look familiar?:

  (1) Perception of problem: Climate crisis endangers all life
  (2) Reaction: “We must limit CO2”
  (3) False solution: Fund and deploy “smart” meters. (but… no energy savings nor any environmental benefit)
  (*) Real, suppressed solution: New and decentralized energy technologies

  (1) Perception of problem: Terrorists and hackers endanger our security and lives
  (2) Reaction: “We must find the ‘bad guys’ and stop them”
  (3) False solution: Pass legislation to legalize Orwellian surveillance state, ​gather ​​unprecedented data on everyone via smart meters, “internet of things,” etc.
  (*) Real, suppressed solution: a) Data encryption, b) disband NSA and end all dragnet surveillance, c) hold liable corporate and government criminals peddling fear and deploying false, harmful solutions.

Notice how the false “solutions” always play on our fears, and are often marketed asgreen? And how the true ones empower everyone and serve all humanity?

It is challenging to deal with the realization that “leaders” and institutions we trusted have been and still are actively working against us. But ​deciding to face this with courage and unity is a key part of us all taking back​ our power.

* * *


K.T. Weaver’s article uncovers the “smart” meter fees spiralingin Australia, ongoing “costly failure” in the UK, fires increasing in Canada, and “open-door” to grid hacking in the USA:


UK: PM David Cameron has insanely called for total surveillance, and to outlaw encryption altogether, stating that there should be no “means of communication which we cannot read”:

Canada: PM Stephen Harper wants to make it “legal” to break into our houses, copy or take our documents, and install monitoring devices:
   See also:

USA: Barack Obama wants “legal” access to every company’s private data on individuals:


Three years ago, leading utility executives in the USA decided to wage a war against rooftop solar:

Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility, authored a Congressional letter to feds asking them to crack down on the solar industry:


This new report from Ron Powell PhD, a Harvard-trained retired government scientist, ranks electricity meters on their risk to health, privacy and cyber security:

The Ontario “smart” meter fiasco has won the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s 2015 award for government waste:

James Tracy’s story, “Health Impact of RF Radiation: Media Blackout on Smart Meter Dangers” has won a Project Censored award:

In the UK, the BBC has updated the title of this article so it’s more “industry-friendly”. The original title was Smart meters energy scheme ‘at risk’:

Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin has blasted Hydro One for not only systemic billing inaccuracy, but also sending phonydisconnection threats:

This is perhaps a case of “when good propaganda goes bad.” FirstEnergy Corp (Ohio) Spokesman Mark Durbin does such abad job spinning lies, that the Ohio News-Herald was apparently asked to take this story down. Available via cache:

Great article documenting the “wake-up” in Eugene, inspired in part by a Take Back Your Power screening in February:


VIDEO – Watch this Samsung “smart” refrigerator emit constant RF radiation:
   See also: Electrical Current on Plumbing Pipes:

German researcher Alex Lerchl, for years accused of being an industry lackey, has made a u-turn after witnessing the results of his new study, which demonstrates the cancer link:

Another new study links 2.4GHz wireless radiation and neurodegenerative diseases. The study showed microRNAs were lowered by more than 3 times that of the control group:

We had missed this, until now. In October of 2013, Belgium banned cell phones for kids and began to warn customers about radiation:

The New York Times asked, “Could wearable computers be as harmful as cigarettes?” And immediately following publication of this article, industry agents went into damage control:
   See also: Wireless Empire Strikes Back

Princeton University has removed a statement on its websitewhich had stated that wireless radiation is safe:

Two recent health impact studies of wireless smart meters show striking similarities, despite having been conducted independently of each other. One survey was conducted in the USA and the other is an Australian peer-reviewed study:


K.T. Weaver shows how the Obama administration is keen to remove rights in the name of cyber security, but critical, vulnerable infrastructure for which he granted billions of taxpayer dollars — i.e. “smart” meters — are being intentionally left of out the discussion:

Monetizing surveillance — of what YOU DO in your own home— is being considered as “sharing the wealth from a treasure trove of home energy data”:

Much of the focus has been on smart electric meters and the many risks that these devices pose for customers and their families. Here’s how “smart” water meters invade privacy:

Mattel wants to record and automatically report your child’s conversations to a central processing site (via Wi-Fi or “smart” meter):

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“Smart” meters, in many cases such as with this British Gas device, fraudulently rack up electricity usage even after the electricity is completely shut off.Watch the demonstration:


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Around the world, Take Back Your Power (2014 Edition) is awakening people to the “smart” meter agenda, and the empowering actions each of us can take.

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Josh del Sol
producer & director

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  1. Take a look at the list of players in our little theater of the absurd. Google the names. Find a pleasant picture or photo-op. Notice anything unusual? Probably not.

    These dopes are little more than actors and actresses in gaudy costumes. Nothing unusual. They are not gods, or demons, or space aliens, nor anything more than pompous assholes dressed up in gaudy costumes. Guess who paid for the nice corporate back-set?

    Guess who can strip away every shred of authority they ever enjoyed??? They at least need to be fired for bad acting…

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