Concerned about smart meters – cell phones – and other ubiquitous electric and microwave frequencies as health hazards?


The boys gather to play another exciting round of this popular game. From a live broadcast : Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh!

SUSA As Heard On

Disclaimer: We may exchange a few chuckles, giggles, and smiles – but this in no way lessens our concern or dedication to reveal these man-made threats to our health. It’s tricky to inform, empower, and entertain all at the same time. It’s what we’re known for!

4 thoughts on “Shocking News – the EMF Edition

  1. Hello Patti,

    Excellent point! The worst part of the entire fraud of “public health and safety” is that the cigarette epidemiology studies that began in the mid-sixties were completely faked. In fact, the entire tobacco “debate” was a fraud from the very beginning.

    Most people are not aware that tobacco was once used as currency within international trade starting in the early 1600’s. Many of the former PRIVATE land owners in tobacco producing states such as North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, etc, were systematically bought out or put out of production by large corporate Medusa’s like Philip Morris, Lorillard Tobacco Company, The American Tobacco Company, and R.J. Reynolds, during the last 35 years.

    The (completely bogus) tobacco report of Charles Everett Koop was submitted as he was on his way out the door from his position as surgeon general under the Reagan administation. This set the second layer of groundwork toward an all out assalt against smokers (and their rights) which led the way toward a massive public bias against persons who had a right to choose to use tobacco products. It was all a set up from the early 60’s onward.

    From Wikipedia:

    [“In his 1988 Report of the Surgeon General, it was reported that nicotine has an addictiveness similar to that of heroin or cocaine. Koop’s report was somewhat unexpected, especially by those who expected him to maintain the status quo in regard to his office’s position on tobacco products. During his tenure, in 1984, Congress passed legislation providing for new, rotated health warning labels on cigarette packs and required advertising to include the labels. Those labels remain unchanged today. New labels containing graphic depictions of smoking-caused illness and death have been announced by the FDA, but are on hold pending the outcome of tobacco industry legal challenges. Koop issued a challenge to Americans in 1984 to “create a smoke-free society in the United States by the year 2000.”[23] As Surgeon General, he released eight reports on the health consequences of tobacco use,[24] including the first report on the health consequences of involuntary tobacco smoke exposure. During Koop’s tenure as Surgeon General, smoking rates in the United States declined significantly from 38% to 27%.[25] “]

    I happen to enjoy smoking high quality tobacco products, and have done so since the age of nine. I once knew a tobacco wholesale person who explained that the monies collected from tobacco litigation and fines starting in the 90’s, were actully enhanced through cooking the books, then returned back to the tobacco producers in the form of tax subsidies. We can thank persons such as Jesse Helms (senator from North Carolina) for the wonderfully devious processes that put more money ito the above corporate pockets, than any other financing mechinism available since that time.

    A carton of cigarettes in 1964 was roughly $3.50 a carton depending on place of purchase. In 1994, that same brand was selling for approximatly $12.50 per carton. In 2014, that same brand is well over $75.00 per carton in most states. The taxes collected represent nearly 70% of retail cost, and even more in some states. This is clearly a case of collussion/extortion/racketeering, and fraud.

    The American public is willfully exposing the entire population to a known carcinogen (cellular phone service) that is far more damaging than any reliable laboratory anylisis of cigarette hazards. The studies related to health hazards were all cooked for the above reasons. Profits are made on the backs of the poor and working class, and these excessive profits are exported to the Grand Caman Islands, Switzerland, or other off-shore tax havens.

    A person can walk away from the second hand smoke of tobacco, but I’d have to move to some South American jungle to get away from the hazard of cellphone towers and military survailance systems… Nice country we once had…

  2. Hello Paul,

    Your comments about the on-going destruction of humanity with the so called SMART everything, will be the end of
    I wanted to share a simple story. Yesterday, I had to take the State of California written test for drivers. One of the
    questions got me thinking, Paul. Why is it ILLEGAL to smoke in a car with children under 18 years of age BUT..totally
    lLEGAL to use a cellphone in a car with children present soaking up all the waves from masts and towers and
    the phone, too? That is a criminal act. I know the automobile is the worst place for a cell phone. If we choose to kill
    ourselves so be it. But must we use them when children are there? Worse, yet is to see a child as young as one year playing with these dangerous devices. OH!!,I forgot! They are safely Legally strapped in the proper seat.
    But the radiation is just fine? I do not understand any of this. Their DNA is being compromised…and their brains as well!
    But try to tell that to any parent. They all act as if they were stone deaf. When will parents get the message?
    A cell phone to an adult is a pacifier and they cannot stop using it…it is as if the cell phone were glued to their big hands.
    I find this painful to watch! Take care.Paul. Thank you for caring about this world and our future existence!

  3. Corporate finance and international trade agreements trump all public concerns and basic needs for planetary survival and human rights. The capitalist system that feeds on moral corruption and life-long slavery to greed will be overthrown. The downfall of all governmental institutions will take place with or without the consent of the thugs who play in their electromagnetic theater of the absurd. All international efforts should be aimed at stabilizing the environment. Earth is in serious meltdown. Death will trump all NWO plans for power and control. Read the 2012 BioInitiative report. There are now over four thousand studies amassed by competent biological scientists describing the deleterious effects of cellular tower broadcast frequencies on human function and behaviors. The FCC and the criminal corporations who are now in control are obviously paid liars waxing proudly of their horrendous accomplishments of extortion, racketeering, criminal assault, and mass slaughter of whole populations. Good luck with your malignant DNA altered children.
    Sweet dreams to all FCC, NSA, CIA, FBI, NASA, Department of Defence, mafia attorneys, and other hapless EMF dupes.

  4. The utilization of technological advances such as wireless, cell, etc are for the purpose of monitoring and controlling human action. At first I thought that the health degredation was just a non-planned by product. However while the overwhelming UN Agenda 21 regulations attack energy production, transportation and land use and ownership, the ultimate goal of is depopulation. The UN’s Global Biodiversity Assessment report says on page 773 that only 1 billion people are ‘sustainable’ in an industrialized world; therefore, an 85% population reduction is necessary to maintain “sustainability”. Ergo – the dastardly effects on human health due to radiation from cellular and wireless technology.

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