Just received this email today and thought we’d share:

Dear Colleagues Interested in Wireless Smart Meters,

I urge you to view the best movie ever on the impact of wireless devices on health.  This movie is scientific in nature, but is presented well for general audiences.  The tone is low key, so the movie is difficult to dismiss as propaganda.   Yet it makes its points with great success.  I cannot vouch for the technical accuracy of every statement made, because of my own limited knowledge; but it all seems plausible to me.


The movie was produced by James Russell of the U.K., who can be reached

at james@flatfrogfilms.com.


Strangely, I could not turn up any information on any copyright restrictions on this film, even from the Flat Frog Films web site.

My thanks to Jeromy Johnson for pointing me to this movie.

This movie is available on several web sites, including YouTube; but I like the above site best because it has a DOWNLOAD option.

Therefore, you can download this movie as an MP4 file (about 1.7 gigabytes), right onto a USB thumb drive, and then plug that thumb drive into any modern flat panel HDTV with a USB port and an ability to show videos from that port.  That will enable viewing this 89 minute movie in a very accommodating manner.

Even though this movie addresses cell phones principally, not Smart Meters, it explains well the general issues surrounding all wireless devices.

The static sound and the flickering images at the beginning, and here and there throughout the movie, are presumably intentional distracting, and intended to give us an audible imitation of the disturbing impact of wireless signals on the body.

I believe that a link to this movie would be a powerful addition to all web sites on Smart Meters, perhaps with a note that cell phones operate in the same general radiofrequency/microwave region as Wireless Smart Meters.



One thought on “Movie on Impact of Wireless Devices on Health: Resonance – Beings of Frequency

  1. Great film! I watched this just after it was first released, and it hits on many of the most important EM issues. Not quite scientific enough or hard data for my tastes, but it’s a great introduction to the electromagnetic crisis. Thanks for making this available for download.

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