The Tipping Point:  Wireless Technologies are stealing our Health

The Prove-it Initiative calls for an immediate moratorium on all new public wireless technologies, including SmartMeters until…

  • Testing of these technologies for health impacts shows there is no harm.
  • A blue-ribbon commission certifies that US standardsfor microwave exposures and other EMFs are safe.

Their website informs about the health impacts of wireless technologies and  provides tools to help you take immediate action for change!


To learn more about the science, please review the more than 5000 studies listed in these documents plus the searchable database below:


Track Your Symptoms after Smart Meter Installation and more:


Sign this letter to the President. We the people of the United States of America respectfully ask the President to immediately issue an executive order staying the deployments of all new public wireless technologies. Sign the PROVE-IT INITIATIVE:

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