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Broadcast Week of April 28, 2014

Kim Goldberg – author of the upcoming book Refugium: Wi-Fi Exiles & The Coming Electroplague.

Where do you go when an invisible matrix spanning the globe is making you sick?

In Refugium, I will explore that question through a series of profiles of people who are living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS. Interwoven between these stories will be my own journey through the research as an investigative writer and a biologist, along with my commentary about the larger forces driving the proliferation of wireless technology.

These Wi-Fi exiles, and the special sanctuaries cropping up around the world to keep them safe, may indeed be harbingers of a future we are all hurtling toward.

Kim Goldberg

8 thoughts on “Author Kim Goldberg Joins the Show ~ Refugium: Wi-Fi Exiles & The Coming Electroplague

  1. This is an excellent interview with so many useful points and felt comfortable listening. It sounded like two old friends. I am so grateful for your post.I will be sharing with others who simply cannot believe that this pollution exists and is killing us. Never thought of the refuge aspect of this – but sadly I think we will see more people being affected. Thanks Again.


  2. I came back to listen to this conversation, and think you both did an excellent job of introducing the issues. Very pleasant and enjoyable interaction, and good solid information on the facts. Thanks again.

  3. At approximately 19:00 Ms. Goldberg relates the plight of electrosensitive persons showing up on FaceBook postings. These persons are considering suicide as a final solution to their suffering at the hands of an ill-informed and frivolous public. Persons that insist upon a lethal technology for their entertainment (entrainment) are accomplices to willful extermination of all life on planet Earth as we have known it. I cannot be made any more clear than that.

    Let’s quit the “corporate” blame game. Do you own investments or participate in a retirements plan??? That’s called aiding and abetting. Let’s quit delegating rational decisions to reduce EM exposures to criminal governmental institutions. They are NOT on your side. The extermination of your planet and the suicides of your fellow citizens are YOUR responsibly. When will definitive action begin? Answer: When you throw away your toys and begin to act as responsible human beings.

    Species extinctions figures amassed by biologists all over the planet place current extinction rates at nearly 350 species per day. This figure is 40 times the estimated extinction rates of 150 years ago. At least have to decency and courage to read science literature. Is your next new toy or cellular phone subscription worthy of planetary extinction?

    Travel out into nearly any remaining “natural habitat” and commune with nature without your blinders on, and with your sensory system fully engaged. The trees, grasses, plants, insects, animals, soil microbes, and all ambient entities are in a state of shock and mass suicide. People need to shift their awareness in a VERY big way. These species extinctions are massive and obvious at a human sensory level. Going numb or ducking for cover is not the solution… Think!!! It might save your life…

  4. Thank you for this excellent program! Re. cell towers in Iowa, yes, cows are indeed perhaps “being fried”. An ongoing study by the University of Zurich reveals that many calves living in the vicinity of cell towers have cataracts. Blood values of animals were found to be changed from exposure to cell tower radiation. In the Swiss countryside, the telecoms companies often install their cell phone antennas on barn roofs – directly over the heads of animals. Many animals, such as calves, have to stay all day in the barn. Unlike animals in the pasture, they cannot move freely and so cannot avoid exposure to electromagnetic pollution. I can’t help comparing the confinement of calves to people confined in their offices or children in schools, exposed all day to the potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. (see:

    1. And thank you, Meris, for sharing your insight. Yes, the comparison between the helpless cows and the helpless children being fried in the name of education is sadly apparent. Please keep us posted on the work you are doing and feel free to post your findings on this site.

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  6. Thank-you for presenting so much valuable information, Kim! I will be sharing this with my friends…and they with theirs:) Nice pictures, too!!

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