Below is text taken directly from the Kevin Mottus website. We are in favor of his platform when it comes to wireless technology.


World Health Organization finds positive association between Wireless and Brain Cancer.  European Union recommends a BAN of all wireless from school classrooms.  Belgium bans cell phones from children due to health effects.  Instead United States maximizes our children’s exposure to CARCINOGENIC, NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC wireless microwaves.

Vice President BIDEN’S 44 YEAR OLD SON BEAU BIDEN LATEST VICTIM BRAIN TUMOR from wireless use.  How many more innocent people have to develop tumors – Already Lebron James, Steve Jobs, Johnnie Cochran, Mark Ruffalo, Sheryl Crow, Jim Kelly?


​​We need to minimize our population’s exposure to wireless Radio Frequency Radiation by promoting Wired vs Wireless alternatives to access the internet and phoning

We need to educate people how to minimize their exposure given their current use of wireless

We need to develop less bioactive microwave frequencies to carry data used by wireless

We need to mandate wired headsets be used with all cell phones sold to prevent brain tumors

We need to mandate wireless carries develop products which minimize users exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation exposure

We need to stop promoting wireless technology use by children and multiple device use and multiple environment and almost continuous use of wireless by many people to allow cells to recover and repair from Radio Frequency Radiation exposure.

s stated clearly in House of Representatives Bill HR 6358 The Cell Phone Right to Know Bill Introduced by Dennis Kucinich:

We need to warn our population clearly of possible health effects due to Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by wireless

We need to establish actual safety standards for wireless technology which take into account non-thermal effects and which are biologically based.

We need to fund much more independent research not funded by the wireless industry themselves examining the health effects due to Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by wireless given the extensive use of wireless by our population​.




5 thoughts on “Kevin Mottus joins the show

  1. This is one of the best interviews on EMF issues that I have heard to date. Thank you for all your efforts, Boil the Frog, and Thank you Kevin Mottus, for stepping up. I’ll be supporting you however I can, from another state.

  2. This is a brilliant interview on the harmful effects of wireless technology by a clearly knowledgable politician. If only he was in the UK, so I could vote for him!

  3. I thank god that there are people like Frog Radio that are bring the facts about EMF health effects.I know from living near a broadcast tower for one year that there is definitely harmful heath effects from EMF.I became electro sensitive and had to move from my lovely home.I say that our governments are allowing slow motion genocide by covering up the true facts of biological effects from cell phones, Smart Meters and WiFi .Keep up the GREAT work Boiling The Frog Radio.

  4. I also very much enjoyed this interview. As Mr. Sanzotta points out, every living creature is beng violated by these emissions. >

    To become more aware of what “life” is like for an EM sensitive person, just exchange the silver spoon for a cellular telephone. Also realize that “normal” persons are openly mutating into numb predatory ghouls. Realize that these persons are acutely addicted to electromagnetic device emissions. Scientific fact: Cellular phone emissions produce known behavioral affects…

    Cellular ghouls are typically non-conversational when confronted face to face. That is: They will not respond > even when we complain. The ghouls will go to great lengths to continue their EM bombardment and harassment. They will openly approve of more EM radiation, even when informed that EM emissions destroy every living being. They seem to wish for complete and total deadness. The attacks go on and on – minute by minute, hour after hour, day after day, months into years… A never ending EM nightmare in a world of cellular ghouls…

    Please enjoy the entire film, as the metaphor is quite appropriate. We are scurrying prey to corporate thugs and mutant idiots…

  5. What a fantastic & informative interview with Kevin Mottus. This should be mandatory listening for every American & parent. Our children are the future of our country & what are we doing to them in the guise of preparing them for that future? We are condemning them to early death or protracted ill-health. That is no future. How can our government be so short-sighted? I guess it can be summed up in two words: “Greed” & “Corruption”. Your site continues to explore in great detail & with extreme professionalism this toxic & life-altering wireless RF microwave radiation technology that is impacting every living thing on earth. I only hope that there will be an awakening soon before it is too late for humanity.

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