Jerry Flynn’s presentation illustrates the harm which smart meters and pulsed microwave radiation are doing to human beings, and all life.


One thought on “National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn

  1. I discovered Jerry Flynn just a few weeks after this video was first presentedand it’s totally on the mark. A huge Bravo to Jerry Flynn.

    The link below will take you to one of the most damning and well presented EM weapons documents I’ve ever read. This presentation addresses the timelines of corporate and Federal agency collusions, racketeering, fraud, conspiracy, extortions, and willful manslaughter via ELF, RF, and radar emissions. If you don’t get the drift after reading this document, you may as well just slash your wrists.

    Jerry Flynn is a former expert in electromagnetic warfare for military applications, and nails down the true agenda pushing cellular phone “services” and wi-fi extermination programs. The document supplies many timelines and persons of interest in this militarized lethal assault on humanity.

    Cellular phone frequencies are being utilized as lethal weapons, and we are the enemy. Your “high-definition” televisions and other pulsed digital devices are NOT children’s toys. Please read the entire document and disseminate widely.

    Complete 340 page document.

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