Dear Councillors and Members of RDN,

Even though I was just released from the Royal Columbian Hospital yesterday (July 1), where I underwent a total hip replacement surgery on Monday, June 29th, I was appalled today to read in the Parksville Qualicum Beach News’ Editorial, attributed to its Editor: John Harding, on Cell Reception. As an informed person, I can’t believe that he is so terribly and dangerously misinformed in this day and age. Rather than draft an entirely new response to his editorial, I’ve simply selected a few of the more pertinent FACTS I have collected over the years and added to my personal library. Because the public might not know that cell tower radiation is really no different than any other non-thermal pulsed radiation emitted by the rest of today’s wireless radio devices, I’m tacking onto the end of this email an earlier email I had sent to the Times Colonist Editor who also had told its readers things which were/are definitely not correct. See for yourself, and I am available to answer any questions (contact details at the bottom).

Dear Councillors and Members of RDN,
With respect to cell phone towers, please note a few indisputable facts:


First and foremost, no major insurance company in the world will insure any wireless/telecom or electric utility company against health-related claims attributed to wireless radiation! That should tell you something!

1970s – Studies dating back to the 1970s conducted in San Francisco and cities in Austria, Germany and Israel all showed that living within a certain proximity to a cell phone tower increased the risk of cancer anywhere from two to 121 times depending on what type of cancer was detected.


1995 – In New Zealand, Dr. Michael Repacholi, W.H.O.’s Employee & “Primary Expert” promoted BellSouth’s proposed new GSM cell site in New Zealand, but the N.Z. Environment Court rejected his position that “there was no evidence of adverse effects below the international guidelines ….  because the only effect of RF/MW was tissue heating.”  Dr. Repacholi’s own research proved this was not true, said Dr. Neil Cherry (one of the world’s then foremost experts in EMR/EMF research. He’s now deceased)!


1995, then U.S. President Bill Clinton stated in a formal Memorandum that cell towers should not be installed on schools or in residential areas!


2000 – Cell Towers need to reduce radiation 10,000 times! The Salzburg Resolution, adopted this position at the International Conference on Cell Tower Siting. It would prohibit any cell site from emanating more than .1 mW/cm2 – 10,000 times more strict than the current U.S. standard (and Canada’s and the WHO’s and ICNIRP’s and ICES’ and the FCC’s – all of whom maintain similarly dangerously high radiation Exposure Limits). This limit takes into account the growing evidence for non-thermal RF bio-effects.
Signed by 19 of 23 speakers, including Dr. Carl Blackman of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


1999-2004 – CEGEP Andre-Laurendau – Montreal. In this period the college had 24 cancer cases, 12 deaths, and many other serious illnesses. Dr. Andrew Michrowski was retained to conduct an epidemiological study of the cancer cases. Although ‘conclusive’ proof could not be determined, Bell quietly removed its antennas from the College roof.  


2006 – House Prices to Drop 21% if near a cell phone tower! See: for the results of the ‘opinion survey’ that was published in The Appraisal Journal of the Appraisal Institute,  the largest global professional organization for appraisers with 91 chapters. The ‘opinion’ survey results were then confirmed by a market sales analysis.

2007 – Around the world cancer clusters and other illnesses have been reported in the vicinity of cell towers and on top floors of buildings that have antennas on their roofs, e.g., hospitals and universities. In 2007, a  cancer cluster in a hospital in Israel was found with 10 people on the top floor contracting cancers.
Cell Tower Radiation and Down Syndrome. Vernon, New Jersey (pop. 25,000) ranks 5th in the USA in terms of the number of microwave transmitters it has. The town’s incidence of Down’s syndrome is nearly 1,000 per cent (1,000%) above the national average!
Cross Currents” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, pp 199 (Dr. Becker is a two-time Nobel Nominee)  


2011 – 7,000+ cancer deaths linked to Cell Tower Radiation!  Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s 10-year study (1996-2006)

80% of victims lived < 1/3 mile from a cell tower. People died from cancers of prostate, breasts, lungs, kidneys, liver. Studies in San Francisco and cities in Austria, Germany & Israel dating back to 1970 shared similar findings.

Statistics from Belo Horizonte’s 10-year study produced the following FACTS:


100 meters from nearest cell phone tower – 3,569 cancer deaths:

200 meters – 1,408 cancer deaths

300 meters – 973 cancer deaths

400 yards – 482 cancer deaths

500 meters – 292 cancer deaths

Beyond 1,000 meters – 147 cancer deaths  

Now for my earlier and very relevant email to the Victoria Times Colonist:


—– Original Message —–

From: Jerry Flynn

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Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2015 7:46 PM

Subject: “Science Needed, Not Just Lobbying,”


Dear Mr. Dobee, Editor-in-Chief:


Re: Your Editorial: Science Needed, Not Just Lobbying


I am sincerely grateful to you for raising this issue, because most mainstream media do not, will not or cannot cover it due, I can only presume, to the wireless/telecom/electric utility industry’s enormous advertising clout which severely limits what Canadians are allowed to read, hear and see about the very real known dangers of all wireless radio technology – which, tragically, have been known since the 1950s!


Respectfully, I found a number of your statements about cell phone radiation to be incorrect and/or misleading.


  1. Are you not aware of the recent International EMF (electromagnetic fields) Scientists Appeal (signed by more than 200 world-class scientists and cancer specialists from 39 countries), addressed specifically to the Secretary General of the U.N., to all Member Nations, and to the WHO appealing to them to protect humans and wild life from the dangers of EMFs and wireless technology?


  1. Are you not aware that no insurance company will insure against any health-related claim attributed to non-thermal radio frequency (RF) radiation, regardless of the source?


  1. It is only industry-funded or dependent scientists; misinformed, deceived and misled provincial and municipal governments; and those who benefit from the sale of such products, who say that cell phones (and all similar wireless radio devices) are SAFE! Non-industry scientists the world over have known for decades that no level of pulsed non-thermal RF radiation (which cell phones and today’s other wireless radio products all emit) is safe!


  1. In the U.S., the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) lobbies all levels of government across the nation on behalf of its members. CTIA’s own Vice President External and State Affairs, K. Dane Snowden, stated at a public meeting: “I have not told you once, not once, that cell phones are safe. The FCC is telling you they are safe.” (Note: The FCC has NO scientists; its five commissioners are all political appointees, made by the President of the USA!)


  1. There are literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies dating back to the 1950s that show that non-thermal RF radiation, especially when it is ‘pulsed,’ as is the case with all of today’s wireless radio devices, such as baby monitors, Smart Meters, cell phones, etc. is harmful to humans, flora and fauna!


  1. There are many hundreds of Soviet/Russian studies done on the harmful biological effects humans experience when constantly exposed to NON-THERMAL RF radiation. It is important to note that Health Canada and the four Regulatory Agencies of the world all say that ONLY thermal radiation is harmful, and therefore will not even consider the Soviet/Russian studies!


  1. The Cell Phone industry’s own studies, in both the USA and in Germany, showed that cell phones are harmful and can cause or lead to cancers and other diseases!


  1. One of Motorola’s top 30-year scientists and a senior product development engineer (Robert C. Kane) died of a brain tumor, which he attributed to cell phones, but not before he sued Motorola. He also wrote the book entitled: “Cell Phones – Russian Roulette”!


  1. Nokia’s former Technology Chief, Matti Niemelä (1997-2007), developed Multiple Sclerosis, causing him to retire. He is alive today and publicly blames cell phones for ruining his life and causing his M.S.!


  1. Most if not all major cell phone manufacturers have taken out global patents in which it is acknowledged that cell phone radiation can cause or lead to cancers and other diseases!


  1. Not one single CEO of a cell phone company – anywhere – will say on record that cell phones are SAFE, i.e., can be used by, around, or on humans – on a continuous basis 24/7/365 – such as humans today are typically exposed to!


  1. Cell phone manufacturers’ Owner’s Manuals contain, in tiny print at the back of their manuals, warnings not to hold the cell phone closer than some specific distance (5/8” to 1”) from any part of the body – not just the head!


  1. Dr. Lennart Hardell, PhD, arguably the world’s most respected scientist on cell phone radiation, in 2013 released his three latest studies which, for the first time ever, reflected the adverse biological effects people experience from using cell phones for more than 20 years!  His findings were so alarming that he appealed to the WHO to immediately change its classification of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from its present Class 2B (“Possible”) to a 1A (“Definite”) carcinogen! Like all other reports which threaten the wireless/telecom industry, these too were ignored.


  1. I was not surprised to see in your editorial the manner in which you referred to the WHO (World Health Organization) as if it were a globally-respected body of independent incorruptible scientists. Sadly, that is not true! For example: Just one scientist, Dr. Michael Repacholi, was responsible for establishing what ‘honest’ scientists the world over know are egregiously high ‘safe’ radiation Exposure Limits for, first, Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 (assisted by Dr. Maria Stuchly); then for ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection); and, yet again for the WHO! All three were and still are virtually identical!


  1. Informed people and non-industry scientists globally know that the dangerously high radiation Exposure Limits established by Dr. Repacholi are also suspiciously similar to those observed by the USA, which are determined by the ICES (International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety) and then adopted by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), who promulgate them to the world as if the FCC had determined them.


  1. It also needs to be noted that, when confronted, Dr. Repacholi has admitted publicly that he accepted $150,000.00 a year while he headed up the WHO’s 10-year, $250-million international EMF study (1996-2006)! This same Dr. Repachoi is now a full-time consultant for Industry – – – and a member of ICES.


  1. And it definitely should be noted that both Health Canada and Industry Canada are members of the same ICES. More surprising is that Health Canada’s own Dr. Art Thansandote is Co-Chairman of the very committee that establishes the USA’s dangerously high radiation limits (which, again, are virtually identical to Canada’s Safety Code 6). Health Canada’s Dr. James McNamee is also a member – – and he was the lead person heading up Health Canada’s recent revision of Safety Code 6 (2015)!


  1. And lastly, about the WHO, I trust readers will know that Bill and Melinda Gates are one of – if not THE – biggest contributors to the WHO budget? It is highly unlikely that any report produced by the WHO would seriously find fault with any wireless radio technology


In closing, Mr. Dobee, contrary to what you implied, the science has long been done – since the 1950s! The truth has long been known – also since the 1950s! But if the media will not allow the public – and our governments – to know the truth, who is to blame? Not the people! Not those of us you refer to as ‘Lobbyists’! If the media had done its job – i.e., told the public the truth about the known dangers of all wireless technologies, I would not have been compelled to come out of retirement to educate you too! My earnest hope is that you have the latitude and the temerity to publish this so that your readers can make up their own minds. Thank you for your time, sir.



James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)

5181 Gainsberg Road

Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0

778 424-9609

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