Finally US mainstream media is talking about the epidemic of EHS. The link to the movie:

About the Author

Dafna Tachover, Esq. (NY, Israel) MBA

After years of avid use of wireless technology, and disregard to adverse effects of uncontrolled RF/Microwave radiation, in July 2009 when I got a new MacBook I started suffering from severe EHS symptoms. My life has changed dramatically and now, the sole purpose of my life is to help people who suffer from EHS and to fight this criminal disregard for their existence, needs and rights.

It is time to FIGHT BACK!






Court Cast Update:

In the conditional injunction issued on 4/23, the Court ordered the Gov to provide a response in an affidavit, as to why it would not install wired internet considering it claims that its policy is that wired internet should be preferred.

On July 21st the Court scheduled the hearing regarding the Permanent in injunction to 2/11/15, which probably would be the last hearing in the case.

On July 22nd, the Gov submitted its response to the injunction, and it had to finally admit that unlike what it declared to the Court in the past 2 years, it’s actual policy is to install Wi-Fi as (1) wired internet is not safe (2) wired internet is preventing pedagogic flexibility.

While likely the reason the conditional injunction was issued because the data I brought as to the sick children and  the Gov’s omission to provide data as to the number of children who are sick as the court asked for twice, this time, in the response to the injunction it still did not submit data (but was not required to), but instead, it claimed that it checked the data regarding the over 100 children who suffer with EHS whose case I brought to the Court’s attention, and it’s conclusion is that they do not suffer from EHS. Of course the check and the claims were ridiculous.

On 7/31, the other attorney in the case, Michael Bach submitted a motion for a permanent and an intermediary injunction (injunction that will ban Wi-Fi in the new school year)

On 8/14 I submitted my motion for a permanent and intermediaryinjunction.I joined Bach’s argument and added more arguments. Clearly I contradicted all the Gov claims very strongly. as well as it’s claims regarding the children who are sick

On 8/14 the Court wrote that it cannot issue a permanent injunction without a hearing which is scheduled to 2/11/15, and as for the intermediary injunction, it ordered the government to response by 8/21. But the Gov asked for an extension and it was given until tomorrow 8/26. After the Gov’s response the Court will rule on the intermediary injunction.

On 8/26 the gov submitted a response to our motion for intermediary injunction.

On 8/28 I submitted a response to the response.

NOW – waiting for the court to decide…

Cross your fingers!



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