One thought on “Is Your Car Possessed?

  1. One of the reasons, if not THE major reason for Obama’s insane and economically destructive “cash for clunkers” program, was to eliminate tens of millions of perfectly usable vehicles from American roads. Consumers responded in their usual clueless fashion, by trashing older more reliable vehicles and replacing those with poorly designed and horrendously expensive computerized trashmobiles. These new vehicles are intrinsically unreliable by any reasonable measure, and cost a fortune to service when things go wrong.

    The hacking issue is actually a non-issue for most drivers. However, vulnerability of these systems to potential EMP sabotage is quite real. If you happen to be in a remote location, one EMP pulse and your $40,000 collection of computerized plastic isn’t worth the towing charge. The only solution to these incredibly stupid and unnecessary systems in cars, is refusal to buy into the game.

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