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Sebastian – a marathon runner has 5 years of Military experience in the U.S. Navy including two tours in the Persian Gulf, primarily working with Advanced Airborne Early Warning Radar Aircraft.

He has 5 years of formal college education for Civil Engineering & Radiologic Advanced Imaging Technologies, including board certification as a Blood Lab technologist.

Invested for 9 years as a health care professional running a radiology/blood lab department for a major hospital system, Sebastian worked directly with doctors & patients providing the highest levels of quality & care until he could no longer work due to severe EMF overload.

A vegetarian since the age of 3 – and an all-round super guy – Sebastian is experiencing first-hand, the ill health effects of EMF’s. He is passionate to share his medical background, experience, and research in an effort to educate and save others from boiling in this hot ‘healthwar’ soup.




Pat – a nationally syndicated radio host/producer of the acclaimed – Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh! heard on 220 radio and cable television stations throughout the country is the radio voice for patient safety.

She is known as a crowd-pleasing healthcare safety speaker and is recognized through Consulting Psychologists Press as a certified administrator and interpreter of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, an assessment instrument that provides in-depth insights into personality type and behavior.

The author of numerous business magazine articles as well as several books including Speak Up and Stay Alive, the patient advocate hospital survival guide, Pat works with patients and providers alike to bring healthcare safety and the patient experience to the forefront.

An occasional meat-eater and a no-nonsense, (honest but not brutal) gal – Pat has been slowly and unknowingly boiled by hidden EMF hazards and has jumped out of the pot to tell all.


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Little known frog facts: What do you call a fear of frogs?

Answer: Ranidaphobia

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  1. So excited to hear more!!! Thank you Seb and Pat for bringing awareness to this important issue.

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