Original artwork by Mardel DeBuhr Sanzotta

As a self taught painter with remarkable composition skills, Mardel Sanzotta has mastered a variety of painting media. Versatility, lyricism and poetry are evident in her work.

She was born near the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, and is influenced by having lived and worked in the Northwest wilderness of Montana, as well as the Midwest of the United States.

Mardel believes that the charm of art lies in its perpetual invitation to the artist to break down any limitations of medium or skill that might interfere with the goal of visually expressing subtle and moving revelations which arise by seeing into, rather than only looking at a motif. Increasingly, her attention turns to visually exploring the simple fact that things are rarely what they seem to be.

For three decades, she has conducted painting classes, lectures, and workshops in several states, maintains a full commission schedule, and has had many one-person and group shows, winning awards locally and nationally.

Over 100 major corporations, as well as Veteran’s Administration Medical Centers, children’s hospitals, and at least 400 long-term care facilities have purchased her work. She is the originator of therapeutic three-dimensional art primarily for Alzheimer’s facilities, which has received national recognition.

Her portraits, wildlife nature, figural and landscape art can be found in private and corporate collections across the U.S. Many galleries and designers nationwide have sold and represented her work. The Franklin Museum in Philadelphia and the Cleveland Zoo own her paintings.

To contact the artist:

Mardel DeBuhr Sanzotta ~ 440-760-4061


2 thoughts on “New Art – Heads Up On Cell Towers by Mardel Sanzotta

  1. An excellent image regarding the eventual outcome of our mutual electromagnetic destinies. If people continue to deny or fail to address the true realities our electronics plague has exposed us to, the end of life on this planet will be the direct consequence. In my own opinion: Our social, intellectual, and moral failures to confront our own corrupted reality as a species, is aptly depicted in the above image.

    As a society of sentient creatures, we have already achieved the status of willful soul death.

  2. This “speaks 1000 words”. Very superbly done and thought provoking. Puts a face to the true ugliness of cell towers and wireless technology.

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