Heads Up New York

“Mayor de Blasio has made making New York City the most wired city in the world a policy,” says Andrew Rasiej, Chairman of the NY Tech Meetup and a longtime advocate on city tech issues. “As a result, the administration wants to take advantage of every feasible piece of city-owned infrastructure to make that possible.”



2 thoughts on “Heads Up New York – Payphone Hotspots?

  1. I love the art work here. The image is so raw and honest, the message is unmistakable and stunning. Thanks for putting it in this perspective.

    Hey, I’ve got a great idea: Start a donations web-site to pay the cost of a billboard rental company that would post this image on billboards near schools and main roads to governmental offices. Contact all the big EM sensitivity sites, and ask people to help pay the costs of getting the project moving. This would give EM sensitive persons the opportunity to have a voice in their communities.

    Huge billboards are one of the ways communications companies like T-Mobil and Verizon sell death in disguise. Look how many billboards these criminal companies accost us with. EM sensitive people ultimately pay the “convenience” of wireless by dying a slow and nasty death. Why not let people know how truly works out?

    1. Can’t believe you wrote this. Great minds were thinking the exact same thing about billboards. Hmmm …

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