According to a 30 year old section of the California Education Code, it is illegal to expose children to a Class 2B Carcinogen in schools. I believe that the school district personnel responsible for this need to go to jail for what they are involved in. Maybe that is why Superintendent Dr. George Giokaris decided to forgo wireless in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District and hard wire the campuses.

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One thought on “Apple 666, Project Inkwell, Connect ED, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast

  1. The Fullerton Informer pages are a MUST READ for those who are still on the fence regarding the myriad financial and political agendas proliferating wireless communications.

    Let’s Boil it down to the basics: The frequencies chosen are known to be biologically lethal. The communications purveyors know this. Federal and State agency members are receiving (graft) money under the table from these communications conglomerates. People wearing expensive costumes and suits, don’t give a damn about your children getting fried.

    That’s the primary and essential nature of the corporate beast. This publically funded Beast, intends total control over everything on the planet, including your minds.

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