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One thought on “From EMF Wise – Resources

  1. What we have here is $2.6 trillion dollars worth of corporate executive powers headed down the fast lane in a big corporate bus full of well financed attorneys. Whilst merging on the entrance ramp (or perhaps even broken down on some side street) we have hundreds of unread petitions flung into administrative round files. All this paper waste makes for great bird cage liners or comedy acts for the night janitor to read.

    Privately funded and/or poorly constructed class action lawsuits – never get out of the mechanics repair shop. Convoluted civil Tort laws and Maritime law, trumps good car maintenance and Common Law every time. FYI, international Maritime courts are supported by the financial depth of YOUR corporate/capitalist/mafia agreements. The legal and moral carnage will continue until every one agrees that our corporate economic paradigm contains a premeditated death wish > for all of us.

    If you want to stop involuntary electromagnetic emissions from destroying your health, it is totally worthless to view massive environmental carnage as a personal rights or personal health issue. People, governments, and businesses, keep purchasing digital technology to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Your planet is dying as a direct result.

    Your forever thirsty corporate bus is well lubricated and has plenty of fuel for the remaining extermination. If you want to stop the electromagnetic bus, you’ll have to run the corporate/capitalist bus into a vast and forever deep corporate ditch. Below is a snapshot taken at a local bus stop in the former city of Boston.

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