Elizabeth Kelley, MA is Founder of Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc. Ms. Kelley has been actively engaged in international efforts to address the potential harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from a health and public policy perspective for over 14 years. She formerly directed the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), a scientific organization, headquartered in Italy. She also was a public policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. Her father, Floyd L. Goss, a prominent electric engineer with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, was a chief designer of the first electric power grid throughout North America. Ms. Kelley has testified before the national legislative bodies of the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil. And in 2010 Harpers Magazine named Elizabeth as “the voice for EMF safety” in the U.S. for many years. She was co-producer of the award winning documentary film’ “Public Exposure, DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution”.


Today’s show brings to light the emergency issue of The National Park Service and their plans to significantly increase cell and Wi-Fi signals throughout the park system. 






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