When people use shock tactics to scare you, it’s pretty scary, but when they use devices that measure what’s actually around you, it can be even worse and make you want to change something! EMF/EMR pollution is a silent killer in our society and if it’s not addressed there might not be much of a future for long.



One thought on “Electro Pollution Explained to Sociology Students by Paul Waddell

  1. Paul Waddell has condensed a college course in the hazards of “electro-smog” & its technology into one hour of riveting revelations. His presentation is supported by facts & solid research about our every day uses of “not-so-smart” devices, appliances, lighting, dangerous electrical wiring, smart meters, etc. His graphics are well-chosen to reveal the serious consequences & precise levels of exposure in our ubiquitous environment. And, he literally points out to the entire student body that their school environment is killing them. How long will humanity be able to survive this unsustainable madness?

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