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3 thoughts on “Your Wireless Router is Killing You – See for Yourself

  1. Hello Hot,

    The newer dual and quad core processors in laptops emit serious digital RF spill-over, because the manufactures have no emissions standards limiting emissions from processor or motherboard interfaces. Also the “shielding” in more recent machines is nearly nonexistent due to additional manufacturing cost and space limitations imposed by consumer demand. When you see a processor specification such as “3Ghz dual-core processor” it means the digital interface is triggering at 3Ghz digital mode to the motherboard interface. This is a simplification of the actual engineering parameters, but germane to your inquiry.

    Consumers (believe) they want high processing speeds, light weight, and ultra-thin profiles on their machines, so marketing teams and bean counters accommodate this demand at the expense of emissions safety and long term reliable function. Dell and Apple machines are the worst I’ve tested, with Apple/Macintosh topping the list of total engineering junk.

    Corporate/capitalism combined with a poorly informed consumer base is wholly at fault. Quality products require quality of intent in design and implementation. I was in the electronics engineering field for many years, and became so depressed by the Wal-Mart like demand for cheap electronics, I wasn’t too disappointed when forced into retirement.

    I’d suggest selling the unit, or finding a proper electronics disposal company.

  2. Jeff – thanks for writing but not sure what you mean? And just in case you are a computer wiz – can you help? Why does a new Dell Inspiron still throw off massive amounts of RF even though the wireless is turned off on the computer and router and the connection is hard-wired via ethernet?

  3. Try turning off your phone and computer and then do the test. I think your phone is giving off more rf than anything else in your house.


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