One thought on “DEBORAH TAVARES – SCARY INFO–EMF Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population

  1. Hi there,

    I just listened to the complete Sandra Chiafoni interview:

    At about 49:30 Sandra mentions the total apathy and non-responses she’s noticed over the years of her efforts. I can totally identify with her frustration. This is the same blasé disconnected attitude I’ve been faced with all the years I’ve been trying to clue people in about electromagnetic technology. The real problem with this level of apathy is that it’s not contrived, it’s become a physical disability.

    There are a number of physical elements involved. Here are just two:

    1.) Television exposures the last 50 years have shifted cognitive functions into a completely different area of the human brain. People are operating in what I call “cerebellum mode”. Cerebellum mode only accepts rote memory and limbic system stimulation. Higher order frontal lobe functions are not utilized when persons are acting as passive receptors, rather than engaged in interactive conversations or in absorbing textual data. This is no conspiracy theory.

    Most modern persons react to unusual information or uncomfortable data by simply changing the functional brain channel. It’s habitual, and you can actually see the eyes shift in intensity. This has the same function as using the remote to change a cable broadcast to a different commercial. Political attention deficits are a major social issue, and it’s now become extremely dangerous. People are quite literally tuning out anything that isn’t simplified down to infantile emotional responses. This is particularly true of executive and military persons…

    2.) EM radiations from 60/50 cycle emissions change the normalized triggering rate of gamma brain wave frequencies. > Small excerpt:

    [“The first discovered and best-known frequency band is alpha activity (8–12 Hz) that can be detected from the occipital lobe during relaxed wakefulness and increases when the eyes are closed.[4] Other frequency bands are: delta (1–4 Hz), theta (4–8 Hz), beta (13–30 Hz) and gamma (30–70 Hz) frequency band, where faster rhythms such as gamma activity have been linked to cognitive processing. Indeed, EEG signals change dramatically during sleep and show a transition from faster frequencies to increasingly slower frequencies such as alpha waves. In fact, different sleep stages are commonly characterized by their spectral content.[5] Consequently, neural oscillations have been linked to cognitive states, such as awareness and consciousness.[6][7]”]

    This 60 cycle modulation of human consciousness has been with us now for over 100 years, and modern digital tampering with cognitive states has all but completely lobotomized the population. I began a lengthy paper on this several years ago, but gave up on it due to the fact that no one I knew would have the mental focus to even read the damn thing. Martha Herbert has good information on the effects of modulated brain wave functions…

    It just gets too deep for anyone to accept the obvious. ALL modern alternating current systems are psychotropic and massively destructive to the environment. We need to turn it ALL off…

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