Just received this email and you must check out the chart at the bottom of the page:

Look at FCC limits of exposure. Some cell phones exceed this limit or are right on the ragged edge. Natural ambient is 10,000,000,000,000 (ten-trillion times) lower than what the FCC believes is safe. Or: Building Biology Guidelines – Germany (Sleeping Areas) 100,000,000 x lower than most of Western Europe.

Hello Pat and Sebastian,

I’ve been extremely disappointed in the haphazard way many of the EM sites present technical information. Great graphics, but no standardized charting methods. No standard measurement methods. No standardized suggestions on how an average person could even do a practical survey of their own situation. Many sites are actually confounding EM emissions data, rather than making anything clear or decipherable to the public.

I think this ill informed practice, is one of the major blocks to disseminating information to regulatory agencies and citizens. If there are no standardized – comprehensive methods of discussion or display, the whole thing remains vague and mysterious to most civilians and agencies.

No wonder people can be boondoggled into just giving up and agreeing with the FCC, or caving in to the Canadian Ministry of Health. The FCC sure has the situation handled. They can count on graphic artists and web designers to keep doing their own thing, instead of these same persons establishing a consensus and proper discussion format. Based on what I’ve seen over the last decade, a final resolution of the practical data will never occur.

Below is one of the only readable charts comparing various country standards of limit at 1800 MHz. I was performing a number of searches using different search engines and syntax. Nearly every chart found was totally irrelevant to cellular tower broadcast issues… Perhaps this is by design…


International safety guidelines – Comparison chart for RF at 1800 MHz




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  1. A huge thanks to the webmaster for posting this detailed chart comparing various international cellular frequency emissions limits. It is by far, one of the clearest formats I’ve seen.

    Note that cellular phones can still be functional at 10,000,000,000 x (10 billion times) less emissions than the FCC standard for thermal heating. So why do manufactures insist on bombarding whole populations with the extreme broadcast powers that have become so common???

    Interested parties should also remember that the thermal heating specification limit, disregards known biological damages that can occur at tens of millions of times less than the thermal damage figures. The FCC and first three international entries on the chart are obviously either grossly incompetent, or purposefully committing mass genocide.

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