“Dear city councilor,
The following attached public document, authored by Paul Dart MD FCA and others, should be read by your office and shared with your colleagues. I am bringing it to your attention as it is well written with very important references to studies that should create concern for the current AMI “smart meter” infrastructure rollout in this or any area. This document was prepared for the Eugene Water and Electric Works, but the concerns are the same here and in adjoining cities. A moratorium is the best direction right now. Opting out will not protect those most at risk. Please read document for specific reference to “Opting Out.” See section on pages 69 on “FLAWS IN THE CONCEPT OF “OPTING OUT”, and could be page 81-82 of PDF document. This entire document is worth reading as they discuss other options in lieu of a wireless smart grid communication that does not increase RF exposures. Section 6, page 74: “Developing demand/response using a constantly transmitting in-home RF network will mean investing a great deal of money in infrastructure that is likely to become extremely unpopular within the next 10 to 15 years. What we look at now as “quick and cheap” will come to be viewed as “quick and dirty”.

“Other approaches to installing smart meters should be studied to help maintain public health, privacy to customers, and that would be more affordable to the majority of the public in the long term (not just a quick profit to the manufacturers of smart meters). The public will suffer the brunt of this AMI infrastructure and are unlikely to receive any energy or cost savings under the current proposals.”



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