One thought on “An Open Letter to the President

  1. How about sending a loving poem to our blood-soaked and fraudulent president?

    The Wise Bother Not

    Truth is. What is; needs no further proof
    Knowledge is not wisdom at all
    Wisdom is gained on the road to discernment
    Discernment is the constant observation
    Of that which is true

    Truth does not require condemnation
    What purpose would be served
    In condemning that
    Which is condemned of it’s own truth?

    All judgment requires vacant envy
    And martyrdom only makes one foolish

    The wise bother not with fools

    It is far better for one to remain circumspect
    Until truth collapses of it’s own sheer weight

    Thus the fruit is ripe
    When falling to one’s hand

    12/09/97 PV

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