If you missed Dr. Davis’s interview on the Alex Jones show yesterday? Watch it here:

Alex Jones and Dr. Devra Davis about the harmful side effects of cell phone radiation and what needs to change in the way we use them.


2 thoughts on “Alex Jones and Devra Davis

  1. Well… At approximately 9:20 into the presentation, Ms. Davis insists that the answer is not elimination of these devices, but concludes that the emissions standards are the issue. Sorry, but this is a DISCONNECT of the first order. Allowing these technologies to proliferate in any form whatsoever, should be considered as aiding and abetting mass genocide. The functional and operative health parameters of these devices (as proven in thousands of studies) is human genocide and mass suicide.

    Wireless devices, and the technologies that support them, have been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to cause birth defects, behavioral anomalies, direct destruction of DNA, and all the rest. These direct and deleterious effects are THE salient points of interest. Constantly bouncing the EMF ball back into the courts of decision makers, is not an appropriate or functional answer to the immediate problem. EM destruction of our specie is a problem. And it won’t go away with wishful thinking.

    Ms. Davis has dropped the ball over and over in every interview I’ve ever seen her deliver. Ms. Davis always neglects the functional problem. We need to IMMEDIATELY call for a Worldwide BAN of these technologies. It’s like placing hundreds of millions of persons in a gas chamber filled with Agent Orange, then telling them they’ll fare better as soon as the exterminator can figure out how much Agent Orange is safe. Hello? DISCONNECTED???

    1. Paul ~

      We discussed this very same thing after watching the video. We are hoping that she is sly like a fox and is “boiling the frog slowly” We know what needs to be done – a ban – as you suggest, however perhaps she is hoping to appeal to the masses who love their technology and their phones so much, that if she suggested to toss them – they would toss her and exit the video. Most people cannot accept the harsh reality so maybe by turning up the heat ever so slowly – they will reach that AHA moment. Hopefully before they are too compromised health wise to recognize the AHA moment.

      We’re with you on this.

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