Here is a recent email from a listener:

Attached is a section from an ongoing move in medicine to standardize care. This was done by the American Academy of Osteopathic Family Practitioners. This section sets immunization standards for family practice physicians and nurse practitioners.

Please note that physicians are told that there are only 3 reasons patients would refuse vaccines. So no matter what the parent tells the doctor, he/she will most likely record one of the three as the reason for refusal: *economic, religious, social*.

This insures that any challenge to the “science of vaccinations” is NEVER recorded on the patient’s chart. Statistics will be gathered and disseminated based on this manipulated data. Neither physicians nor the public will ever be made aware of the growing number of parents/patients who now recognize that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

If we don’t start encouraging people to put the truth down on paper and submit it “for the record”, the truth has no way of growing and the physicians now being manipulated will never be aware of all of the great efforts and advances the vaccine-awareness community has achieved in educating the public. And, physicians will never hear the truth about the CDC being a for-profit corporation.

Suppression of the truth is the name of the game and those working together to force even more vaccines on the population are very good at it.

Recently when my husband attended an annual state meeting, he raised a question in the presence of all the physician attendees about Gardasil. He was quickly silenced and the topic was shut down.

Very few – if any – attorneys understand how the industrial-medical complex manipulates and controls physicians. Just take a look at the full chart of “Wellness Suites” by the American Academy of Osteopathic Family Practitioners. View it here:



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