I just came upon this and thought it might brighten a day or help you to make a positive change. Which one is your favorite – or like me – would you love to embrace them all?

The rest of this page is borrowed from Dr. Jack Kruse’s website – http://www.jackkruse.com

I share it with good intentions giving him full attribution. Should I borrow in error – I ask that he observes #27 below and I will observe #40.

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“I want to shift gears from the health aspects of EMF to a pure focus on crafting an exceptional life in spite of what this EMF series is revealing you. I understand it is an inconvenient truth. Ultimately, life goes by in a blink and it is time we set fire to the rain and focus on what really matters to us. In my view, too many people live the same year 60-80 times over and over again because they let the past dictate their tomorrows. It is time to stop allowing your biography live the rest of your life.

There are seasons in our life and we can either take the seasons and maximize them or we can waste them. We have no control over yesterday or over tomorrow but we can control today. If you maximize today, you will age well. Far better than most will no matter where you find yourself today. Aging is maturing like a good bottle of wine; it grows in value as time elapses. Aging is evidence of time passed and experience gained.  Hopefully, with enough lessons learned and wisdom gleaned we improve our former selves. Ideation with out execution, just leads to deletion of any good idea we might have. Age well and age right and you will be a beacon to those who are younger and coming after you.  With age you lead the way and leave a trail.  Make sure it is one that leads others upward. Enjoy your today because you are not getting older and approaching death. You are becoming more shrewd everyday that sun rises.

To avoid getting to the end and feeling flooded regret over a life half-lived, reflect on some these things as you cut EMF and artificial light from your life:

  1. Make your life matter every day you have it.  Become grateful for your time.
  2. Drink a lot of spring water, mineral water, or RO water.  It is never gloomy, unless you allow it be so.
  3. Get serious about sharing with others regardless of their response in the past.  Let them live in your new today with you.
  4. See your work as your passionate masterpiece in life.
  5. Expect the best and prepare for the worst with regards to EMF exposure and fake light.  Turn off your circuit breaker every night no matter what you think you may lose in luxury.  Electricity is not always our friend.
  6. Keep a journal and do not DIY it.  It will cost you $$$.  Trust me, I am out 150K going the DIY route.
  7. Read biographies of Tesla, Einstein, and Oppenheimer.  You need perspective other than your own.
  8. Plan a schedule for your day, week, month, and year……time is your most valuable asset.
  9. Know the 5 highest priorities of your life and carry them on your person.
  10. Say no to distractions in your life or with your health always.  Never comprise on you.
  11. Embrace meditation to offset EMF affects.  Embrace neuro biofeedback as a way to cope.
  12. Improve your thinking every single day you rise to see the sun rise.  You only see 25,000 in a life.
  13. Get a mentor to help you re train your thinking. If you want to improve your masterpiece you must improve your mind first.
  14. Begin to question paleo and its dogma.  It advocates somethings that can hurt you.  Turn off your technology.
  15. Get up when the sun rises and walk at the water’s edge every day you are able to.  It is a gift to your biology.
  16. Walk bear-footed when you can, wear leather soles, get sun on your bare skin and you will eat less food naturally.
  17. Find more heroes who represent what you want for you.  Hero’s can be found everywhere when your mind is open.
  18. Become someone’s else hero by helping them help themselves.  Avoid enabling them.  Love is not enabling.
  19. Smile at everyone…….especially strangers.  It increases the Schumann resonance for us all.  Move naturally in nature.
  20. Hire an EMF engineer and carefully examine you home, work, car and sleeping area and that of your family.
  21. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.  Never settle for a B, C , or D when A is available.
  22. Never let someone else set your bar.  Savor life’s simplest pleasures, and use your imagination to recreate you.
  23. Embrace camping and sleeping on the Earth.  Take your kids camping.  Build a fire and spend time with them.
  24. Spend time at museums and art galleries and tap your inner artist to find your inner masterpiece.
  25. Walk in the woods and make sure to lean on some big trees and just listen………
  26. Write thank you letters to those who’ve helped you in your life.
  27. Forgive those who’ve wronged you, no matter what they have done to you.
  28. Remember that leadership is about influence and impact, not titles, prizes awards, or accolades.  Carve memories in hearts not marble
  29. Create unforgettable moments with those you love.
  30. Have 5 great friends, and tell them why they are great.
  31. Become stunningly polite, and boldly aggressive in helping those who seek your knowledge.
  32. Unplug your laptop, ipad, iphone, radio, TV, and all your energy efficient appliances that now have smart meters.
  33. In, fact, sell your TV and never watch the news ever again……..
  34. Read from books daily.  Go to the book store browse and aisle…..when you touch a book buy it without opening it. The fact you were drawn to it is enough insight that you should consider reading it to improve yourself.
  35. Avoid the average and make your nominal become phenomenal.
  36. Be content with what you have, but never settle for what you want.
  37. Pursue your dreams when others make fun of you for those dreams.  They have nothing to hang their hat on so they would rather tear you down
  38. You are human and you will err but be authentic in your actions.  They speak louder than your words/grammar/spelling.
  39. Be passionate about  you, your loves, your work, and your health.  Become the best infectious disease ever for the world.
  40. Apologize when you know you should to everyone.
  41. Embrace a moment to celebrate another’s achievements…….teach your kids that failure is their best recipe for successes.
  42. Have a vision for your life and never come off that sight.
  43. Know your strengths but embrace your weaknesses.  They are what will be the hammer and anvil of your masterpiece.
  44. Focus your mind on the optimal of things and do not fret about the negative.  Cut the negative from your life as soon as possible.
  45. Sit back and smile because you know you are patient and can wait for your chance to pounce.  Prepare for that small window of opportunity and be ready to take full advantage of it.
  46. When things appear at the worse, you never give up because that is what a winner does.
  47. Clean up your messes quickly and prepare for the worse by planning.  Things happen but we always recover because we give no quarter.
  48. Use impeccable thoughts and words to convey how much you care.  No one cares what you know until the former exceeds the latter.
  49. Leave your area and go to areas that are remote and different than you would normally visit.  Travel a lot more and be random about it.
  50. Talk to 3 strangers today.  Force it if you must.  See the beauty in things you never knew…….examine the unexamined.
  51. Honor your children and spouse.
  52. Tip well for services all the time.
  53. Become a great teammate in every aspect of your life but do not let one who needs you help fall behind.
  54. When facing your critics, smile at them. Encourage them to question everything but give no extra energy to critics.
  55. Spend time in the cold snowy mountains in leather shoes and become deeply curious to the mysteries in your life
  56. Write down your  top 5 values and put it in your wallet.
  57. Shift to achieving results, and stop just allowing yourself to be busy.
  58. Innovate, iterate, and invigorate your environment.  Inspire others to greatness no matter how you feel.  Some day they may lift you.
  59. Pay attention to your world.  Speak less to it and listen more to it………
  60. When the phone rings……let it.  Put it on vibrate and watch how your life improves.
  61. Take the hand of some one you care about…..hold it, and look into their eyes and tell them what you really think about them without words………..use the power of your mind to show them what is inside of you to give to them.  Then tap that moment from here on out.  Become super human in a modern world that is tearing us apart.”

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

Connect with Jack at www.jackkruse.com


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